Repeating Projects and its Tasks

I’ve got a sequential project and I’d like it to repeat annually. Inside that project I’ve got a few tasks that I’d like to have due dates for (just for those tasks, not for the project itself.) How can I set that project to repeat with all its tasks, and have whatever tasks with due dates repeat but with due dates a year later? Is something like that possible?

Thank you!

I am just a newbie using OF so these may not be the best solutions:

  • Use repeat on each of the project items and set the repeat interval to 1y;

  • Create a ‘template’ project and copy when project is restarted. I am not sure if the dates will work as well on this.

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Don’t think you can, the tasks within the project inherit the due dates from the project itself and relative dates are not supported directly.

The best solution is either to use applescript (Curtis Scripts I think) on Mac which uses placeholders and relative dates on a template project, or similarly on iOS you can use taskpaper format in an app like Drafts or Pythonista to create a project in OF again with relative dates ie +5days.

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@joshlgibson Yes, a repeating project will work just like you described but you must make sure that the project itself has a date (either a defer date or a due date, or both).

Set the project with a 1-year repeat interval and any dates on tasks will be rolled forward by 1 year.


Thanks, that’s great advice!

Yeah, I like that idea. Thanks for your input!

Thank you! I tried building a test project with dummy tasks to see if it would work like that, and it did! Not sure what happened the first time I tried a test project because I wasn’t able to get it to work as expected. Thanks for your help!

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This is what I do, and have done for several years. Idiot proof (and, of course, I’m referring to myself).

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