Repeating projects, and using "Repeat Every" correctly (FYI)

This is probably obvious to most, but in case it helps anyone…

I had some annual projects with various actions groups (and many of the actions had different deadlines). When the project was complete, I wanted a new project to appear. My mistake was in making actions (often with deadlines, but that may not matter) recurring. When I had completed all the actions, I ended up with just the one project with both completed actions, and their spun-off new versions (incomplete). The solution was to not make actions or action groups repeating, rather to continue to assign their various deadlines, but to only make the project repeating (and not give it a deadline, although I wasn’t doing that), and to have all action groups, and the project itself, set to “Complete when completing last action”.

Again, probably very obvious, but finding the solution has made a world of difference for me.


Thanks omnibob! This post is actually very important because the container concept and its implications are not discussed adequately in the OF documentation, and if one does not understand the nesting it could drive one crazy (or away). I know, it was happening to me!