Repeating projects in v3

In previous versions of OmniFocus I had a project “Daily” whose tasks were things I had to do every day. Each task had a defer date (today) and time and a due date (today) and time. The project was marked repeating: when the tasks were complete, a new project was instantiated, with all the same tasks having their due and defer dates advanced by one day. With v3, however, a new project is instantiated but the tasks keep their same defer and due dates (which is now a day behind).

Is this new behavior intentional?

I noticed a similar problem (though with repeating groups), starting with the recent iOS 3.1.4 update, which I have reported to Omni support.

One of the fixes mentioned in the “What’s New” text is a for repeats, so my suspicion is that this is a bug introduced there…

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I have many projects that repeat with 1 year intervals.
The project has a defer date and a due date and I have tasks within the project that have their own due dates.
These due dates are not updated when the new project is created! So suddenly I have many overdue tasks that should be due about 51 weeks from now.

Seems to be the same problem as you are seeing.