Repeating Reminder on the 3rd Wednesday of the month

I want a reminder on the 3rd Wednesday of every month. How do I do that?

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@rleejones In short…you can’t. It is an inherent weakness of an otherwise superb system. Take heart it is in the current development cycle.


A quick request, please, to the excellent and responsive Omni Group endorsing the wishes of many others who’ve asked for this feature would be useful. Thanks. Good luck!

Thanks for the quick reply. And thank you to Omni for considering making this a feature.

taken from the roadmap page see the full page for further details…OmniFocus in 2017

This summer, OmniFocus will be ten years old. We’ve improved a lot of things about the app over those ten years, but to maintain file format compatibility there are some things about the way we work with the app that haven’t ever changed. Last year we laid the groundwork for finally changing some of those, when we switched to a new, extensible file format and added encryption. This year, we’re going to make some fundamental improvements to the data OmniFocus keeps track of. Based on your feedback, the database changes currently at the top of our list are:

Faster syncing of databases with large attachments (so people who use lots of large attachments no longer have their sync times get longer and longer)

Support for multiple tags on tasks and projects (rather than just a single context)

More flexible repeats and notifications (such as “third Thursday of the month” and “keep reminding me every ten minutes until I check this off”)

You can see already that it’s going to be a busy year! But wait, there’s more…