Repeating Task Bug?

Hello everyone,

I am using on macos OF3, and I have found a very disturbing bug (?), well I don’t know if that’s a bug, or something I do wrongly. I wanted to know if what I do is correct, before filing a bug report.

I have basically a project with all my subscriptions, and each subscription is a recurring task.
In order to have everything in the same “roof” I have put the URL to download my subscription on the “Note” part of the task.
Everything works as I want.
Except… When the URL change, I change it naturally so I get in the “Edit Link…” option and change it. I set my task as finished, and the new recurring task change the display link, but doesn’t change the actual URL, it keeps the one from the original URL.
I’ve tried to change the original task, and even with that it doesn’t change.
The only way I’ve found to solve that issue, was to delete the complete URL from my note, and to paste it again, and it works.

Is there something I am doing wrongly?

I have confirmed the same bug in OF3 on a MacBook Pro running Mojave (10.14.6) and another MacBook Pro running Big Sur (11.6.2). You should report it to the Omni Group. I’ll do that too.

I got a response from an Omni tech support human acknowledging the bug and proposing this workaround:

  1. Paste a URL into the note field for a task.
  2. Press Command-S (the shortcut to trigger a sync).
  3. Now right-click on the link and choose Edit Link.
  4. Change the display title, and click Done (or press Return).
  5. Add a space or line break (or make some other change in the note field).
  6. Press Command-S again.

Hopefully that works for you until Omni can fix the bug. I verified that it works for me.

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