Repeating Task ideas

A bit new to Omnifocus so apologies if this is basic but here’s my question.

I have some tasks I want repeating. I’m trying to get my music skills back. So, I have 3 instruments. I want to play one every day and other other two every other day. So basically, I always practice 2 instruments a day with one always common and alternating the others.

So, I set up a daily repeating task for one and a 2 day repeating tasks for the others. They are set to make the repeat after completion.

The problem is, these are not truly hard deadlines. I often end up not having time to practice 2 instruments in a day so they will end up late. I have found the system is getting me to play more, which is good, but I’m wondering if there is a better way to set up a set of tasks like this in Omnifocus where I see these on my forecast, but don’t feel guilty every time I see them on my late list.

Ken provided a great answer to this when asking about defer dates. You just add a flag. Now, the task shows up in the flag section and when you check it off, it shows up again 2 days (or whatever you set later).