Repeating Tasks Trouble


So I’m trying to create “Daily Routine” type setup. Here is what I’ve done:

Created a Project, sequential. No due date, no defer date. Repeat daily. Checked “Complete when completing last action”.
Created a task in the project. Defer to 12AM. Due 5AM. No repeat.

Everything seems to work properly in that I don’t see the task until 12AM. I check it off and the next days task generates. What’s strange though is that the next day’s task has a defer and due time that is a minute before the previous. So Defer is 11:59 and Due is 4:59. Also, suddenly I find that the project itself now has a due date where it didn’t before. This is happening consistently and is driving me crazy.

What am I missing?


Why aren’t you putting the repeat on the action?

That was my inclination originally but someone the forums helped me out by explaining why doing so was blocking the next task in the sequence. basically I would finish task 1 and it would automatically regenerate thereby never allowing me to proceed to task 2. By putting the repeat on the project I can run through all the tasks and then once the last is done, it regenerates for the net day.

I fiddled a bit and seemed to avoid the problem if the repeating group (which is the way I did it, but presumably the project would work too) had a due time that matched the latest due time in the contained actions.