Report Task Effort by Resource

I use tasks and subtasks to help organize responsibilities between my resources. On most projects there are undergraduate researchers, graduate researchers, and myself; each resource has different billing rates and default availability.

I’d like to create a report showing each primary task and the estimated effort attributed to each resource. The “Task Report” is really close to this, if it were possible to collapse the subtasks.

The “Resource Report” also has the necessary information, but the tasks aren’t numbered in any way.

This is important because I normally do not report individual subtasks to my sponsors but rather effort to the main task. The subtasks are for me to use in scheduling the project and determining the critical path.

And as I review this report more closely, what I’d really like is for the Duration column to be able to show Effort instead.

I learned how to edit the custom report theme from this support page:

Turns out you can replace the {@Time@} tag with the {@Effort@} tag to get pretty close to what I want. I still can’t get it to scroll up by task or user, but I’m partially there.

@gregmacfarlane Glad you found that resource! It’s not currently possible to total task effort up per resource in an HTML report, but we have an open feature request to support this. I’ll attach this thread to the request!