Request: improve defer/due date visibility

In OF 2.0, defer and due dates are hidden except on mouse-over or while an action is being edited. This change in OF2 effectively prevents (or greatly retards) the user from quickly scanning these dates in a list. The mouse must be continuously moved from action to action hovering long enough to trigger the visibility of the dates.

Some possibilities:

  1. Provide a mechanism for global toggling of date visibility; and
  2. Make date visibility a property of individual perspectives allowing for different behavior in different custom perspectives.

Hmmm, this is not the behavior I observe.
The date fields should only be hiding if there’s no date set, so you can easily scan the dates that are set, without having to mentally filter out a bunch of “no date set” sort of text.

Could you post a screenshot or maybe a link to a video of this misbehavior so I can make sure I’m understanding you?


This was a brainfart. Please ignore.

HI, I to have experienced this behaviour.

I have worked out that if the defer date is historic it does not show

How can I change this as like @stupefly I find it frustrating to have to keep moving the cursor to see if the field has no date or is just not showing?

Thank you for your support.


This seems to be the standard behavior in the fluid display mode - defer and due dates are hidden and not shown for some reason. I would assume that these dates should be shown if there is a due or defer date, but the fluid mode does not show them for me.