[Request] Repeat Every 6pm

There are some daily repeating tasks that I want to repeat every evening at 6pm, regardless of whether I completed them last night or this morning. Is there a way to do this? i.e.the task repeats every evening, regardless of whether I completed last night, or this morning.

Currently, I seem to be able to repeat by x number of hours, or by 1 day, but can I can’t find a way to “Repeat Every 6pm”


Under the strip of days (M, T, W, Th…) in the Repeat section of the Inspector there are two options for when to present the task again: if you select ‘Assigned Dates’ (the right most) you’ll get the task again regardless of when (whether!) you actually completed it. So it’ll appear each day for your 6pm deadline. If you select ‘Completion’ (left of the two), the task won’t re-appear unless you complete it.

Does that help?


The problem with this is that if you choose ‘Completion’ and you tick it off in the morning, it will reappear tomorrow at 6pm, not today at 6pm.

If you choose ‘Assigned Dates’ and don’t complete it for a few days you will have to tick it off multiple times to get it to catch up with today’s date.

Neither of theses are ideal.

Agreed. I often have items that I want to get a second repeat of while I haven’t completed the first one. Even if I haven’t completed yesterdays task x, doesn’t mean that I don’t have task x today, as well as still having to do yesterdays. I currently get around that with 5 duplicates of the same task each repeating 1 week and only for 1 day of the week (so task X Mon repeating, task X Tues repeating). This workaround only works if I get the overdue task done within a week, and obviously is a pain to create each time as I have to make 5 duplicates and setup the repeats for every work daily task.

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