Request: search for documents within app

I see it’s been asked for before but may I add my voice to those asking for a document search within OmniOutliner for iOS, please? The Spotlight search helps but I still struggle to find material I know is in there.


I’ll add my voice to that. But in the mean time I cannot speak highly enough about HoudahSpot, which uses the Spotlight database but lets you turbocharge your searches: restrict them to specific folders, search for or inside specific document types, search by kind or file size or date opened, and more. I’ve been using and upgrading this app ever since it was part of a MacZOT bundle in 2008! Sells for $29, last upgrade ($17) was two years ago.

Thanks, I’ll look into that.

I also want to add my support for a saved search option in OO for iOS.

In some of my documents, I have a column for tags, and I have saved searches on my computer for these tags, but when I search within the file on my phone, the data is never displayed in the way I need it. It would really help if there is such a function for iOS.