Request: Stop Having to Email Feature Requests


I have owned all Omnigroup products (except OmniPlan) continually since 2001 or so. Over the years I have made many feature requests via email. A common refrain over the years when someone makes a suggestion is to send an email as a feature request. I’ve seen other feature requests that I’ve wanted, but I don’t always vote.

I am appreciative that @kcase and the developers have listened to feedback over the years and all of the products keep evolving. Once I hosted a Bay Area Omni Focus user group forum and Ken join 5 users via FaceTime. We are on OF 1 and now we have evolved to tags FTW! It would be wonderful if there was another mechanism to submit requests and see other user requests. Of course, it would be nice to see features in development, but I’m not even asking for that. I totally get why a developer wouldn’t want to this, but given Omni asking us to vote via email it might elicit more feedback.

Discourse has a built in voting feature which is currently turned off. One idea is to create a feature request category in each category and allow voting. I will send this post in as a feature request and then I’ll let it go.



Just FYI: this came up recently in this thread. I’d assume the response would be similar.


Well, that’s that. . .

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@deaghean, thanks. I hadn’t seen that. . . Case Closed!