Requirements for Omnigroup apps

Sorry, couldn’t find an explanation for or a discussion to the requirements of the Omnigroup apps. I got a perfectly running Mac Mini here, with an i7 processor, 16GB of RAM and a 4TB SSD. If I bought this setup from Apple today it would cost me not less than 3 1/2 thousand bucks, not mentioned the scanner with Silverfast licence I had to replace. The MacOS 10.15 it is running is what has been the latest version not much more than 1 yr ago.

I fell in love with Omnioutliner on iOS and was thinking about buying it for MacOS because of the larger screen there and the overall better handling with a proper keyboard and a mouse.

But why should I buy an app that wants me to spend a lot of money and replace working gear to run - let’s be honest - a fancy wordprocessor? Is it what Omnigroup calls “sustainability”?

Maybe there is a thread about that or a blog entry to explain the backgrounds of this I did not found. I would be thankful for a link.

Thank you.

An OmniFocus subscription unlocks all features on all devices where OmniFocus is available. Don’t think much hard, I think it’s completely worth the need. With tools to help tame the chaos, you can focus on the right tasks at the right time.

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