[RESOLVED] Display tasks instead of map when viewing geo-based context


I use quite a few geographically-based contexts for my tasks, like “grocery” or “drugstore”. And I add stuff to buy (as tasks) in these places.

And when I’m approaching such a (geographic context) place, it rings the alert on my iPhone to remind me I have stuff to buy there, and it shows that I have some tasks to achieve in this context. But when I swipe the notification to access its content, it opens the OmniFocus app (like it should) but shows a Map view, instead of showing me the tasks I need to perform in this geographical context. :-(
It would be more useful and relevant to me if I could see the tasks of this context right away. Because I already know where I am, so I rarely need to see a map.

I’d love to see this changed in the next version of the iPhone app (I’m using the pro version).


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@jdesrosiers perhaps I am on the wrong track but using ‘nearby’ on OF2 draws a map as you correctly point out which is rather useless, but there is a button at the top right with ‘list’. This then displays all your geo-fenced tasks/appointments in the order starting with nearest distance to you.

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Oh! I just didn’t see it! Thanks!

@jdesrosiers no problem I may need your help one day so stick around!

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