RESOLVED: Styles not retained when saving (file import format related)

Hello all,

I’m presuming this is NOT how things are supposed to work – but maybe I’m missing something?

I imported an outline from Cloud Outliner into OO [the former convinced me that I have a liking for outlining (only discovered recently) – that saw me purchase the Big Daddy, OO, a few days back].

I make style changes to the overall document, and set styles for the different Levels.
I exit the document.
The Document Picker’s preview, shows me the outline, with styles and colours as expected.
When I open the outline again, all styles are lost – as in, it returns things to how they were before I spent 20 minutes setting everything up.
Very frustrating.

At first I thought it could be since I was making changes to the file whilst it was kept ‘inside’ the Omni Sync Server section – that maybe the sync was pulling through the original formatting from the same file (still in its original form) over on the iPhone.
So I moved it back to the Local Documents section – and it still happens.

Could this be interference caused by it being an imported file?

Appreciate some thoughts!


It appears that the problem was indeed related to how I imported it.

It was imported as an .opml file – I needed to select it, and use the Share Button to “Create outline from document” first – and then make the changes on it, rather than the ‘raw’ imported file.

EDIT: Sorted. Problem In Chair, Not In Computer! The import threw me – never realised it was importing as something other than an outline – when converted to correct format, everything works as expected.

this might be easier - if you open an opml file in OO then just save - it will just save in its original format, but if you 'save as…’ an omni outliner doc. it will retain all your new formatting / from OO.