Resource effort is not adding up

Wondering if anyone else is experiencing the same problems I’m experiencing. I recently updated to the latest version for Mac (Omniplan 2.3.6). Running it on a Macbook Pro with Maverics (OSX 10.9.4).

Am experiencing the following scheduling problems:

  • When I set the effort for a task to (for example) 2 weeks, it only gives the task 9 days (not 10). This is the case even when I specify ‘10 days’ instead of 2 weeks. I still only get 9 days. As a result, I have to set the
    effort for a task to (for example) 11w 1.25d in order to get it to show as 10 weeks exactly on the chart. (This is a new problem, only existing since I updated.)
  • Sometimes when I connect a task to the following task using ‘Finish-Start’, it shows the first task as finishing a day later than the second task. (This is a problem I¹ve experienced for a long time.) There are
    no resources allocated to either task, and no timing/date constraints. Then, if I set a constraint on the first task so that it finishes just before the following task starts, I get a violation. (This is a new problem.)

There are other problems as well (that have started since I updated), but I cannot be bothered typing them all out.

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