Resource has fixed appointments a week: how to show this in a task/line

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In our office we have some colleagues who have fixed weekly appointments (for example: every tuesday morning he has to be in de building yard busy with a project). I don’t want to have to make a line/task in his work planning for every day of the week/month for this. Is it possible to have a pattern/recurrence in the same task line, so that I see that he is busy in those periods?

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Don’t think this is possible in Omniplan. What you want is (for example) a week repeating task. You can do that in Omnifocus, or any of the calendar apps, but not in OP

You could do something with resource calendars - show the time as non-working - but that would be very limited. And might not meet your need anyway, because maybe while he’s at the building yard, maybe there are tasks he could/should be working on

@Diana Adding the off-time to your resource’s calendar is currently the only way to set this up. For example, if you remove Tuesday morning from the resource’s weekly work schedule, OmniPlan will never schedule tasks assigned to that resource to occur during this time period. However, this off-time will not be displayed in the project’s Gantt chart (currently, only modifications to the project’s work hours affect the project Gantt).

More information about modifying resource schedules is available here:

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