Resource/help on inserting latex in omnigraffle (5.4.4) with latexit

I use latexit to copy maths formulas in a figure made via omnigraffle (e.g. a rectangle)
When I copy the formula into the figure, it reshapes the formula to fill up the entire space provided by the rectangle. I wan’t to keep the original font size. Is there a good resource out there that I could read up on to ensure I can use maths formulas in omnigraffle 5.4.4, without this distortion?

In the Style: Image inspector, there’s a setting which controls whether the embedded image should preserve its natural size, stretch to fill the shape, or tile to fill the shape. You can change that to the “natural size” setting to preserve your original size.

To learn more, choose “OmniGraffle Help” from the “Help” menu, and search for “image inspector”. (In OmniGraffle 5’s help, the relevant section is called “Placing graphics inside a shape with the Image inspector”.)

Hope this helps!