Resource pattern varies by season

I am a university professor looking to use OmniPlan for my research projects. When I scope out a project I typically don’t know precisely which students will work on a project, but I have an idea about their average availability. The challenge is that this availability changes based on the semester.

For example, during the fall and spring semesters, a graduate research assistant will have 15-20 hours per week effort towards a project. During the summer they will have 40 hours per week. Undergraduates are about half that, 10/20.

I have seen how I can go through and create a graduate student resource with a half-time schedule as the baseline, and how I can add extra time on particular weeks. Is there a way to batch-select all the weeks from May to August as a period where extra time is available? Is there a way to set more than one default resource availability?

It is not currently possible to batch-select multiple weeks or set up multiple defaults for resources availability - we do however have open feature requests for both of these things in our development database, which I’ll attach your post to!

For the time being, the only way to potentially “simplify” this is by pulling resource availability from a calendar - information about setting this up in OmniPlan Pro is available in this section of the manual.