Response timeline for fixing OmniFocus 2.0 for iPad expiration

Perfectly said. And I too prefer to see the $20 go toward future good work.

Hello Brian, like others, I appreciate the offer of a refund but won’t demand one. Could I use “my” share to go towards snacks for the Omni Staff who had to work hard on a Friday night/Saturday morning? Or if not that, maybe towards giving the new internship positions a “welcome aboard” gift? I’d rather do something like that (or donate to a charity) than keeping it for myself. You all do a great job and I appreciate your efforts towards owning the situation and making it right.


I received my $20 partial refund yesterday. Thank you OmniGroup. Much appreciated.

I took it because I write a lot of news and reviews on Omni products and never asked for promo codes, free copies and the like. I prefer buying licenses because this way I don’t have a bad conscience when I keep using the apps after reviewing.

I was a bit disappointed about OF 2 for iPad first. I’ve hoped it would be more than just a blow-up of the iPhone version. But after using it for a while I now find it pretty useful, though.

Your customer support is outstanding. I’ll use the refund to invest into OmniOutliner now.