Restrict custom perspective by tag after opening it

I have a few custom perspectives “grouped and sorted” by “Individual actions” and grouped by Project. When I open any such perspective in OF for macOS, I get a list of tags in the left sidebar, so I can further restrict the perspective by selecting a tag.

AFAICS, there is no equivalent in OF for iOS. The best approximation is to type the name of a tag in the Search field after opening a perspective. But that is not ideal: for instance, if I search for “home”, I get all tasks tagged “Home”, but also tasks where “home” appears anyehere else (e.g., “Buy RAM for home server” with an “Errands” tag).

Is there a better way to restrict a custom perspective by tag, after opening it?

To give an example of what I want, consider this “next actions” perspective:

After opening the perspective, I can filter to see only the next actions tagged as “Errands”:

In iOS, I miss the equivalent of the tag list in the sidebar.

The nearest you can get is to add a rule for ’Tagged with…’ at the top of the rule list for that perspective. On iOS you can easily access the perspective settings and toggle this rule as enabled/disabled by swiping to the right.

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