Resume a former backup without deleting new items

Hi again! Yesterday I inadvetenly deleted some items I shouldn’t discard. The problem is in the meantime I have added some actions, too.

Reading the manual, it is written that to resume a backup you just have to double click a former one, which will replace the current. I assume this will mean that all new actions will be deleted.

Is there any way to resume a backup just adding deleted items without deleting new ones?

Thank you for your assistance,


I did this just the other day.

If you know what you deleted, you leave your current database open, and double-click the backup. It will open in a separate window with a blue stripe at the top that says “OmniFocus Document.” This differentiates it from your master database.

Navigate through the backup and find the things you deleted. Copy and paste them back into your master database, then close the backup.

If you don’t know what you deleted, you may be out of luck, unless you can figure it out using search or sorting.

Good luck.