Retagging items

Dear all,

I use tags a lot, particularly for delegation and categorisation eg waiting for, phone calls etc.

I frequently change the tags. As a simple example from being tagged for [the name of one of my team] to [delegated] but in doing so via the inspector I find that the task immediately moves when I retag. Then I have to go hunting for it and complete the re-tag. Is there a way to complete the whole retagging process BEFORE the task moves to its final resting place?


You may have a perspective that behaves different than mine, but when I try the procedure, the task is still selected so that I can complete the retagging, even though I no longer see it.

Thanks Jan but in my perspective (a today one) the task disappears and ‘no selection’ appears in the inspector. So I have to find the task and reselect and re-tag it. I am sure I am doing something wrong though!

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