Revealing changed Drafts in Finder

I know this is a longshot and please forgive me as I’m a relative Mac OS noob but is there any way to show changed Drafts in Finder?

I’ve just discovered Smart Folders and it would be cool if there was some way to integrate changed Drafts into a list with other changed stuff.




Ooops, wrong too many forum windows open!, but hey, someone here might know right? 😊

As for the smart folders, I love seeing changed Omnifocus items!

And you can – with the perspective Changed in Omnifocus.

Of course, but there is power in seeing a single list of how everything has changed

I must have misunderstood what you would like to see, because that is exactly what I would say that the perspective Changed shows.

No worries, I mean a list of everything of interest both inside and outwith Drafts

Ok, I think I’m with you now! If you are talking about smart folders in Finder, you will not be able to see drafts (if you mean from the application Drafts) or items from Omnifocus there, as both applications have their items in databases, not in separate files that smart folders would be able to show.

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