Reverse the sort in a Perspective? [A: it’s an open feature request.]

I have a perspective that shows all tasks in my “Waiting” context, and the tasks are ungrouped, sorted by Date Added.

This works, but of course the most recently added stuff is at the top, where I would prefer the oldest stuff at the top - I’m a start at the top and work down kind of guy, and I’d like to work on/action the oldest stuff first.

Is there a way to use this sort but reverse it? Or is that not currently possible? I love the cleanliness of the perspectives and settings in OF2, but I feel like i don’t have quite enough control over the database views (columns shown, sort, filtering, etc.).




Hi, this was my exact question, and it doesn’t seem to have been answered yet. How do I get a perspective to sort by Date Added in Last In Last Out order (that is, with the oldest items at the top)?

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I’d like the ability to reverse sort orders as well…

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Please add this feature.

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to my brain, this makes lots of sense. The current sort ordering without a reverse is frustrating!

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I was wondering how this is progressing. Is this planned now that OF3 is out? A simple switch to reverse order would already be enough

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Did this ever make it out?

I’d really like this, too. I’d like to see a perspective of my oldest tasks, but sorting by Added data puts the newest ones at the top.

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