Review before due

I have Review set for once a week, on Sundays.

But this weekend I want to do it on Saturday, since I’ll be out all Sunday. In OF1 I could just review any time I want. In OF2 it appears I have to wait until Sunday, when it’s programmed for. I click on Review, and nothing show up.

How can I review before OF2 thinks it’s due for review?

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You can view your projects and sort by next review date. Then you can multi-select all the projects you want to review early and set the review date to a new date in the inspector or just drop them on the review tab to make them reviewable today.

I’ve just wanted to do exactly the same thing since it was a public holiday in the UK yesterday and wanted to do my weekly review a day early :-)


You can also go to the project tab and highlight a project. When you are done reviewing, just hit command-shift-R. This will invoke the menu command “Mark Reviewed” in the Edit menu. This will reset your next review date to whatever review interval cycle you had (every week, every month, etc.).


Thank you both.

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Just a reminder. if you do “Mark as Reviewed”, it will cycle to the next review interval. Let’s say you have your projects set to be reviewed every 7 days. If you usually do your review on Sunday but you “Mark Reviewed” on Saturday, the next review will be next Saturday (7 days).

Another way to do a review is to go to projects tab, command-click a bunch of projects and click on the focus button. Then go through each project as you normally would during a weekly review. When you are done, highlight all the projects again in the left sidebar and just manually change the next review to next sunday. You can just type “next sunday” or “6 days” into the “Next Review” field.

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Good to know. Thank you.

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To mark projects as needing review immediately, drag them onto the Review tab in the sidebar. (You can do this with a single project at a time, or with multiple projects all at once.)


Ken–With recurring items I have the option of “repeat every” or “due again.” It seems like the current review process works on the “due again” model. In other words, it is up for review again one week after I review it. Would it be possible to have a toggle so that it worked on the “repeat every” model? So, for example, it was up for review each Sunday?

It is possible to also select a project or multiple projects and just change the Next review date to next Sunday. This will reset things for you.

I miss seeing the “future Reviews” as well. It’s startling to see “0” when I click the “Review” tab. Sometimes I perform a “meta-review,” in that I review how often my projects need to be reviewed. The Review perspective in OF1 was very helpful this way.