Review contextual menu missing on iPhone

I’m using OmniFocus 2.14.1 Universal [Pro] on an iPhone 5 running iOS 9.3.1. When viewing my projects, if I tap and hold on a project title, I only get Paste, no Review. Since I believe the contextual menu is the only way on iOS to change review dates of projects that have already been reviewed, I’m at a loss (short of firing up my Mac).

Ahah. I just realized that I can swipe a project to reveal a More button which gives me access to Review. Looks like the iBooks manual needs to be updated in the Review section. Would it also make sense for the contextual menu to have the same options as swiping?

On a force touch enabled device, we do show the more menu on force touch which we added in version 2.12–Review of that at

On OmniFocus iOS for the iPad, you do get the review option on pressing a project. It doesn’t work that way on the iPhone though, so maybe that could be clarified in the documentation. Thanks for pointing it out.

You can still do all of that with the More menu on non-force touch enabled devices. Just something new to look forward to when device upgrade time comes along next! :) I’m glad you found a workable path for now.

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Same question here, but I cannot make it work. I have OF 2.19.1, and I do not see the review context. If I swipe on a project, I can see Delete, Flag, More. More gives me the option to postpone projects to a different date, but I do not see a Review option.

In About OF, I can see a note that since I had OF before version 2.5, the current version has some Pro features enabled, but that seems to suggest that not all Pro features of the new version are enabled. Is the Review one of those features? And do I need to pay for the new version to see the Review context?