Review doesn't list all projects

Hi all.

Just starting to evaluate OF. I have two projects only. Documentation states that “Choose Review perspective … In this view, your remaining projects are grouped in order of their next-scheduled review date.”

Yet, when I select Review, only one of the two projects is listed. I’ve looked (Inspector and View) at the project that doesn’t show and I can’t see anything wrong with any of the parms.

What could be wrong???


What do you have your next review date set to? The project will show up on the day of the next review. Then you can change the review cycle (every day, every week, every mint, etc.).

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Hi wilsonng; thanks for the response.

The next-review-date was set for tomorrow; that explains why it wasn’t showing up.

Another question: if I wanted to review my all projects without a schedule, on an irregular basis, I suppose I should set that parameter to “every day”, right? Then all projects would be available for review whenever I wanted to, right?


yes, set it to every day. As you create more projects, you will see that there are some projects (especially Someday/Maybe or On Hold projects) that don’t need as much attention. You can set it to a long review cycle (once a month, once every 3 months, etc.).

If your projects have tasks that change a lot or needs much more attention, you can set it to a shorter duration (once a day, once every 3 days, every 7 days, etc.).

Thank you!