Review every [day of week] instead of every x days?

I like to do my weekly review ion Saturday. Every so often, I get too busy and do it on Sunday or Monday. Because my review is set for “Every 1 weeks” if I slip a day or two, the next review happens on Sunday or Monday, instead of reverting back to Saturday.

Is there any way I can force it to review by day of week, and not by number of days or weeks?

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I have been thinking about the same.

My idea now is to have projects I would like to review every friday (or possibly saturday or sunday) not set for ‘review every 1 week’, but ‘review every 5 days’.

This makes sure that, even if you review on sunday, the projects will be back in the review perspective the next friday. If you do your review as planned on friday, yes, omnifocus will alert you too soon there are projects in need of a review, but I don’t see that as a major problem.

This issue has been bothering me, too. I have emailed with a feature request. In the meantime, thanks to vloris for the suggested work-around.

I realize I’m a little late here but I would love to see this feature as well. Every time I get delayed or have long breaks (i.e. this past holiday season) my reviews get all out of sync.

I will email as well.


Deleted my post. My apologies, rogbar, I had misread your question/situation.

I would love this feature to. I have put my business projects to be reviewed every week or every 4 weeks on Friday, and my private projects to be reviewed on every week on Saturday.
However, sometimes I’m late (illness, urgent phonecalls etc.), and then I’m doing review a day later. However, when I then mark my project as “reviewed”, it forgets its “fixed day”, and puts me 7 days later.

So I would love to be able to say “review every Friday” or “review every 4 Fridays”
By the way, that is the reason I’m not using “every month”, since it will then hop everywhere in my week schedule.


maybe this Applescript from Joe Buhlig might fit your needs?

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