Review Mode for OmniFocus 2 for iPad (or Universal on iPad)

In what way is the new method for review in OmniFocus 2 for iPad or universal work better and faster than OmniFocus 1 for iPad?

“OmniFocus on the iPad has always excelled as for project review but the new version has a ground-up redesign that lets me review projects faster than before.”

I keep trying to change projects from active or on hold which to me seems to be one of the main points of GTD (Getting Things Done) and review in the first place. Surely this is there somewhere but it is lost on me in the “upgrade”. It also seems less informative, I really like the info provided in the bottom left hand corner of the first version. So for both Omnifocus 1 for Mac and iPad I find myself staying with the old version but paid for the updates for the support of the Omni Group.

We’ve a few feature requests on file for the Review perspective on iOS. If you send an email, to, with details of what you’d like to see changed we’d be happy to capture your thoughts to the appropriate request or submit a new one for you!