Review of tasks outside projects

Why is Review only for projects? Is it expected that every task should be in a project? Some tasks I only have tagged, and I’ve configured my Inbox perspective to not show tasks in a project or that have been tagged. But this means that after I tag a task, it’s easy to forget about, because it doesn’t show up in Review. I have to go looking for it.

Sorry if this has already been covered. I did some searching, but didn’t come up with anything.

In OmniFocus, every task either belongs to a project or it’s still in the Inbox. In designing the current review system, I guess I assumed that if someone is reviewing things regularly, they would already be reviewing their Inbox without any additional prompts. But I certainly could have been mistaken in that assumption!

I’m coming back to OF after a long hiatus - trying out OF 4 and I’m still trying to dial in my work flow so the mistakes are mine as I’ve learned.

The impetus for my post was actually a self-inflicted situation due to not understanding a few things. I had the Miscellaneous project, which I assumed I had set up in an earlier OF version. I thought to myself, why do I need this? So I removed some of its tagged tasks. That’s when I realized these tasks don’t show up in the inbox (which is expected since they’re tagged and I chose the “project or tag” clean up option), nor did they show up in Review, which I didn’t expect.

The thing I was missing that I came to realize is that Miscellaneous is a special project. Tasks in the inbox that are tagged but are also without a project will be automatically added to Miscellaneous when the inbox is cleaned - which by extension means these tasks will show up show up in Review.

So the moral of this story I guess is don’t remove a project ref from a task without adding another, or it’ll become easy to miss.

I’m sure this is all in the manual, but I haven’t read it fully.