Review Status Updates

I frequently have to give updates to my boss on the status of projects. Omnifocus gives me a great way to keep track of the projects and tasks I am working on, but I don’t know of a good way to keep track of the most recent updated. I’m not really talking about a status of “On Hold” or waiting, I am talking about why it’s on hold or why I am waiting for.

A typical use for me would be to have a task where I need to try a new formula for something, but maybe I can’t get time in the lab. I’d like to be able to enter notes on that task, something along the lines of, “Waiting for lab time.” and have that date logged and reportable to my boss. I guess I can always keep the notes field updated, but then I lose the history of what I was waiting on last week.

Thoughts on how to accomplish this?

Instead of storing this information in the note, you could create a new task, name it “Wait for Lab Time”, and assign it to an on-hold context. The inspector will tell you when that task was created and the last time it was updated.

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