Reviewed Tasks not Syncing

Hi, Strange problem today after a review session on my Macbook.

My Macbook shows all the Tasks as Reviewed and so the Perspective is clear. If I go to my iPad or iPhone all the Tasks that needed reviewing haven’t been cleared.
Have synced several times throughout the day and still the same. Have also closed the Apps down completely and restarted and still the same.

It is Syncing correctly as the times of last sync are correct and any updated tasks have synced across all devices.

My initial thoughts are that there is a date anomaly with the iOS app as the next review dates are in 2017.

Any thoughts much appreciated.


i have tested a few projects and changed their review dates from 2017 to 2016 and can confirm there is a glitch that prevents the iOS app from marking a Project as Reviewed if it’s next Review date is in 2017.

I have the same problem. Any workarounds suggested?

Are you still having problems with this?

I’m running OmniFocus 2 on my Mac and the iOS version on my iPhone. I’ve been experiencing issues for awhile with the iOS version not properly syncing the Review perspective after doing a review on my Mac. At first, it seemed like it would just be a handful of random projects that wouldn’t sync the reviewed status to my iPhone. But last week I started having an issue where: (1) despite my Review perspective being clear on my Mac, after syncing my Mac and then iPhone, essentially all of my projects appeared unreviewed on my iPhone; and (2) after syncing both devices my iPhone essentially undid my review. My Mac had all the projects that appeared unreviewed on my phone.

I contacted Omni and they suggested I rebuild my databases on both devices, but that didn’t have any effect.

The only solution I have right now is having OF open and running on both devices and syncing throughout my weekly review. It’s not a great solution. Unless I’m syncing constantly, I still have issues, and the reason I bought the iOS version for my phone was to be able to do a review when I cannot do it on my Mac.

Any suggestions?

i dont have this conflict anymore. (at the moment)

i do recall that i only have this problem when a future review date is in the following year, so if you have a future review date of 2018 it would cause an issue. There must be some sort of date conflict on the iOS.

I’m having this problem in reverse (November 6, 2017): on iOS, all projects are marked as reviewed, but on macOS there are two that need review.