Reviewing only certain projects

I usually want to review work projects at work and review other projects when I am at home. But the review section only allows me to view everything.
Is there a way to filter the reviewed projects?

Do you have those projects in folders ? If so, you can focus only those and then open the Review Perspective.


Jep, that’s it for reviewing only work.
But now there is no way to skip these projects on weekends right?

Do you want to skip the review of projects from a certain folder on weekends ?

There is a .nextReviewDate property in OmniJS API…

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I usually review projects every week. If a work project is so important that I have to review it more frequently, and thus a review pops up on a weekend, it’s probably worth a moment’s thought before using the inspector to defer the review until Monday.

If I really didn’t want to do that, I’d collapse the Projects perspective sidebar, select all, then deselect the folders I don’t want to review and Focus on the rest. If I did this frequently, I’d create top-level folders called “Work” and “Everything Else” to save the collapsing and command-clicking.

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