Revstu's Dark Theme

I particularly like this version of dark theme. I made the background completely black.

As before color text features as it stands out in a long list. Get it here

or try:


Beautiful theme, as you please install it into my OmniFocus ??? Thank you very much for the advice.

When you try to open a file is the problem, such as the application to open the file?

I’m talking about the black theme.

enter link description here

i’ve set up a google drive link on main page

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Hey. Can you please upload the Theme again? It looks great :)

Hi @michi1105 I have updated it over the last year or two so there are differences albeit slight. Here is the link to google drive where it can be downloaded.

I’ve updated my dark theme for anyone interested



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also my other favourite if anyone interested


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Thanks! Now if we can only get these themes to port over to the iOS edition!

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I can’t seem to see my scrollbars in the darkcolourslegible theme. It’s all white or all grey…

I think this is happening in the built-in OmniFocus dark mode and in darkcolourslegible theme.

@wilsonng sorry about that. The scroll bars don’t really matter to me so I haven’t made any attempt to change them (I’m not even sure it’s possible to change them?).