Ring symbol for Action Groups missing

When you add a child action under an action the parent action becomes an action group. Once an action becomes an action group it stops to show the ring symbol and it starts to show a forward symbol > instead. I understand this is because Omnifocus for iPhone is not designed to show action hierarchies in a single screen. I wish the ring symbol remains in place just like the way OF for iMac and iPad show action groups. But the real problem is that the parent action continues to miss the ring even after all the child actions are completed and cleared off. I cannot easily tell the action is due soon or past due or flagged. Is there any way to bring back the ring to my parent actions?

I just noticed this behavior and was wondering whether it was a bug or setting of some kind that only showed up on the iPhone. I can understand that the primary grouping task shouldn’t show the checkbox ring when its subtasks are still available, but what is the reason for the iPhone version not showing the ring when all the subtasks are complete, particularly when this ring is shown on the iPad? The inconsistency seems odd.


This is the design for the iPhone. When a group contains items that need to be completed, the group isn’t available to be completed without viewing the tasks it contains. The arrow shows that there are items within so that you know there are more tasks to be done.

OmniFocus on the iPad shows the indented tasks below the group heading as there is more room which allows us to show the levels using indentation. Because the iPhone has less available space, when you click on the name of the group that contains the action items, you drill down one level to where you can see the next level of hierarchy. In that next view down, you will see the group action at the top and if you intentionally click on that item to complete it, all of the children it contains will be marked complete as well, allowing you to complete entire projects or groups at once. You can still mark the group complete, but not from the top level. I think of the arrow as a TV Infomercial reminding me, “But wait,…there’s more!”

We’ve also added a force touch menu for devices that support it including peek and pop. This might be useful if you are on a device that supports it, or something to look forward to at upgrade time if your device doesn’t yet support it. If you don’t have a force touch device, you can still slide to the left on a row to get the More menu, which has the same options as force touch.

I hope this helps some to explain the interface on the iPhone a bit. There’s some info at https://www.omnigroup.com/blog/3d-touch-in-omnifocus-2.12-for-ios about that feature. You might try some of the swipe/force touch actions and see if they provide some new ways to complete tasks that come in handy in cases where you have deeper hierarchy on an iPhone.

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Thank you for the explanation. I totally understand the presence of the arrow to dig into the hierarchy when you are viewing grouped actions from a Project perspective, but from a Context perspective it seems to me that there should be a checkbox when all the subtasks are completed. Maybe there is still something I’m missing, but in the end I’m glad to know that there isn’t some phantom setting causing the iphone and ipad versions to differ in how they show the tasks. Thank you again.