Rounding corners on custom shape?


I am trying to create a rounded corner on a custom shape, I have tried using the stroke corner rounding or editing points and setting bezier corner rounding, neither of which add any rounding to the shape. I could use a small circle and union shapes, but there are usually slight edge imperfections on unions.

Is there a way to achieve this?

Any ideas?


Hi, have you tried to removing the imperfections by making the points editable followed by manual trimming and readjusting?

Yes, I can usually get things pretty close, actually joined circles are usually easier than two shapes that have aligned straight edges. I am working on a design that has many such rounded corners, so manually editing each corner will be a time consuming process. the imperfections are actually smaller than the smallest movement allowed in OG, so they can’t really be fixed, even by moving points

I was hoping for the corner rounding to work on more than just basic shapes, to avoid these imperfections.

Here is an example of what I mean for imperfections, it is a circle used to create a concave rounded joint… this is even more complicated than the circle example I used above, because it requires 4 separate shapes (3 squares and a circular overlay) If I try to use a boolean subtract, the imperfections actually get worse.