Routine tasks handling


I have various routine tasks that happen once a week, once a month, once every 10 years etc. At the moment, these tasks are in a Google calendar called “routine”. I’ve created an OF single action project called “routine” and started adding some of these tasks there. Is bringing these tasks to OF a wise thing or just leave them in the calendar?

I have a weekly task to take trash out so I put that in OF with Due date next Thurs at 5 pm and deferred until the same date and time and Repeat Every 1 week and ticket T(hursday) - is this the right way? Will the item be deferred again next week for another week?


This one walks a fine line for me. It’s hard to tell whether it’s a task or an appointment.

With the way you have it set up, it will repeat again on Thursday.

For my weekly trash routine, I just put it on my calendar. It’s an event that will happen whether I remember to take out the trash. I left mine in the calendar because I like the calendar functions better. I can more easily snooze it and get reminded in 15 minutes or whatever. It’s a little harder to defer it another 15 minutes in OmniFocus.

Some actions look like a task but it might serve better as an appointment.

In my life, my trash pickup is Thursday, approximately 5 am. I set a calendar appointment with an alarm notification at 9 pm every Wednesday night. This is an “appointment” for me. But I can see how it can be a task for you.

You’ll have to play with this yourself to see which method fits you better. It can reside as a task in OmniFocus deferred to Thursday 9 pm or a calendar appointment that must be met (example: my iPhone will ring out and tell me that the trash needs to be taken out at Wednesday, 9 pm).

For me, I put it as an appointment. If I don’t take out the trash by the appointed time, I can’t just leave it on my task list anymore. I have to wait an entire week for the next trash pickup appointment.

I usually set a routine task in OmniFocus if I can still complete it after the due date. An example would be my utility bill. I can be a few days late with payment if I missed the alarm notification. It stays on my task list until I complete.