RSS to Omnifocus?

Has anybody found a way to send an RSS feed to OmniFocus?

My job has a bug tracking system from which I can get my assigned tickets (Jira) via an RSS feed. It would be sweet if I could get the RSS feed to go directly into OmniFocus.

If nobody’s already crossed this bridge, I’ll write some code…Seems like a perl/python/ruby/whatever program called from cron that then executes AppleScript to feed OmniFocus would do it, but if someone has already done the bulk of the work, it would save me some time.

Although I suspect it probably isn’t, if the RSS feed is available from the Internet you can use IFTTT to add new tickets to OmniFocus via the RSS feed.

Your suspicion is correct. IFTTT can’t see the Jira server. Also IFTTT is pretty dumb and I can’t auto-assign the project or context.

I’m now thinking about attempting this path: RSS Menu to Growl to JavaScript to OmniFocus.

It would have the added benefit of giving me a path to send alerts from any app that supports Growl to OmniFocus. I’m sure once that’s easy, I’ll find plenty of uses for it.

In the greater scheme of things, I want to be able to auto populate omnifocus in as many ways as possible.

Had a similar scenario. Not with Jira but Freshdesk that we use for support where I wanted to add any support ticket we receive as a task in OmniFocus. For now I went the easy route and created a Rule in Apple Mail that forwards the incoming mail for every new support ticket I get from Freshdesk to my OmniFocus email using the OmniFocus Mail Drop feature so the email from Freshdesk I receive when a new support case was opened ends up in my OmniFocus inbox where I can process it in OmniFocus. From what I recall JIRA can generate email notifications for various events that happen throughout the lifecycle of an issue, including custom events. Might be a simple alternative in case you also get email notifications and not only the RSS feed.

Unfortunately you can only add tasks to your Inbox with OmniFocus Mail Drop. Not sure if there are any plans to make this more feature rich where you could define project, defer date, flag, etc. Looking into other options right now using the combination Mail Rule & Apple Script to get to something similar to what described in this great article by MacSparky as I would like to add these new tasks automatically to specific projects and not only into the OmniFocus Inbox. Unfortunately this feature seems to be one that was dropped in OmniFocus 2.

While I haven’t tested this (since we don’t use Jira), perhaps devondragon’s jira-omnifocus might help?

While the Mail Rule wasn’t included in OmniFocus 2, it’s still possible to set it up; more information is at Creating a Rule in to Add Messages to Your OmniFocus 2 Inbox.

@orion Fantastic!!! You are making my day. Will give this a try later today. Thank you so much for the link to the support article!

Happy to help; enjoy!

That looks awesome. I can’t wait to dig into devondragon’s work.

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I dug into devondragon’s work and did some major refactoring and code cleanup as well as adding a bunch of functionality.

I’ve submitted a Pull Request, but so far it’s being ignored.

My code lives at in case anybody is interested.

Thank so much for the link to the support!