Rtf export from EccoPro imported into OmniOutliner not complete

When I export an outline from eccopro in plain text, then open with omnioutliner, the format of the outline is the same, except that there is no color transferred and I need the color.

When I export from eccopro in rtf, the color shows in omnioutliner, and the indentations are right for the different levels, but there is a dot in front of everyline, and none of the outline can be colapsed.

I tried using ultraedit to see the hidden characters and removing some at the beginning of hte line, but cannot fix this problem.

Any help or advise? I have many megabytes of eccopro outlines to convert

It’s been a few years since I tried this, but it worked perfectly.

Export Ecco files as: OUTLINE ONLY TAB INDENTED.

Each item from Ecco becomes an item in OO, and is indented perfectly. OO’s disclosure triangles expand and contract the ECCO levels just as if they were in Ecco.

The only problem was that columnar data - I forget what happened to them, but I remember they weren’t perfect.

The export to straight text and import into omnioutliner works fine, and the parent/child relationships are preserved and can be colapsed / expanded.

But to preserve the text Ihave colored in ecco, I have to export into RTF. After importing into omnioutliner, the color is preserved and it appears that the proper indentations are there for each line, but everything is under one bullet and nothing is a real child to anything else and nothing can be collapsed or expanded.

For outline structure to be imported from text files (plain text or rich text), it needs to be tab indented. 1 tab per level. You say RTF ends up under one bullet which should only happen if there were no line breaks. Or, are you copying and pasting instead of opening an actual RTF file? If you paste while editing a row, it will all be pasted into that row. If you end editing and then paste, line breaks will be parsed into new rows.

I was exporting rtf directly to a file from ecco pro and opening with omnioutline. You are right - looking at the rtf file with ultraedit to see tabs and spaces, the tabs are missing.

I have many MEGAbytes of ecco pro outlines I want to convert, but am at a loss now how to. I tried the straight text tab delimited export, but not only lost color, donot have the proper indentations either - looks like the tabs are also missing with this export.

any suggestions?

The ecco pro export “tab delimited” contains no tabs, but the "tab indented " does, and has the proper indentations. But I loose the colors of the text.

Afraid I don’t have any ideas at the moment.