Sad day: upgrading iPadOS will kill off my use of OF2.2

Well, I knew this day would come at some point. Updating my iPad Pro to iPadOS 16.3 from 15.7 will kill OF2.2, and I’ll no longer have the proper Forecast view with tasks at the top and a bar graph view of scheduled calendar events below that I’ve enjoyed since…2013. OF3 and beta4 for iOS and iPadOS have horribly broken Forecast views if one turns on “Show Calendar Events,” so I always have that turned off. OF3 interleaves them and presumes it knows best what tasks I should work on between events; OF beta4 doesn’t make that assumption, but puts the calendar listing at the TOP (odd for TASK software that isn’t CALENDAR software) above the TASKS (OF’s purpose).

Last call for OmniGroup to fix calendar display in the OF4 beta…

In my experience, OF3 doesn’t presume anything. In Forecast, it uses due date+time to sort tasks and events based on the information that I have given it. If I have an event scheduled 4-7 pm, and I have a task that is due at 5 pm, it will put that task before the event because if I’m busy at the event starting at 4, and the task is truly due at 5, I need to get it done before 4 or I won’t meet the deadline.

I haven’t been trying the OF4 beta, but if they change from the OF3 behavior, I’ll be disappointed. With a few exceptions, I use due dates only when something is really due then; otherwise I use the Forecast tag to show things I want to foreground but that aren’t actually due today.

It just goes to show that there are different opinions about how things should look and work. I was an alpha tester for the first release of OF and I remember some of those arguments!

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I feel ya. There are too few apps (IMHO) that integrate a graphical representation of the day/week. A list of events is useful, but a graphical view gives me a better and quicker understanding when and how much time I have available to work on my list of tasks.

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