Safe to update to OF 3? And who is still in OF2?

Hello Community,

as I am seeking forward for OF 3, I am still a late-late adopter. I am still on iOS 11 and on OSX High Sierra. Still I would like to benefit from OF3.

In the past I read in the forum that some people had some minor issue with OF3.

What I want to do: I want to update to OF3 at the same time with my iOS and OSX, while still being on iOS 11 and High Sierra for ne next 3-6 Months. What would you say? Did the time come to make myself a present with OF3? I cant wait to implement multiple tags into my system.

I would be glas about some information. Thanks!

Make sure you check out this thread. It will answer some questions.

I am running OF3 alongside OF2 on High Sierra just fine, feel free to install OF3 any time (be it simultaneously to OF2 or not).

(Note regarding parallel installations: There was an issue about tags being lost, but that has been fixed as of OF 3.1.3.)

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Thank you. The frequent updates in the first weeks and that tag issue made me hold back. I guess I will wait 1-2 motnhs more as often people find time to deal with the app in the holidays and during this time more issues evolve.

If OF is something you depend on, I’d say hold off updating until OF 3 stabilizes which is the same advice I’d give to anyone thinking about updating their Mac to Mojave (update 2 was recently released and I’m pretty sure there will be more to follow). Having written that, I took the plunge and updated my Macs to Mojave and updated OF to version 3. So far OF 3 is working well however it seems to me that my Macbook Pro’s ability to connect to some public WiFi’s has been damaged by Mojave. Whatever you do, make sure you have a current backup of your system.

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Yes I will definetly make an CCC backup before updating. However, what would you say? How long I should waitto update to OF3 in your opinion? (I will wait for Mojave until October 2019).

Not sure how long you should wait but my guess is to watch how frequently OmniGroup updates OF 3 and when that slows down go ahead with the update to OF 3 (assuming you have the required version of macOS).

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Okay that is a nice approach. I will check the update frequencies from the relase dates to estimate when the updates are slowing down. My experience is that there is always a wave of updates from january to april, because people start to use the apps in their holidays in december and then when the companies start to work in the new year they are adressing those problems. so i guess i will wait until april (if I can…)

OF3 is fine. I just updated from Sierra to HS in October & OF 3 ran on both with no problems.

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