Save an outline to Evernote?

Does anybody have any workflows of how you can create an outline in OmniOutliner and save it to Evernote for future reference?

Export as RTF… When copying in to Evernote, it drops the proper indent levels…
Export as plain text… kind of works but loses any color coding I use in notes (not an option)
Exporting as HTML… The Evernote web clipper won’t import a local file
Copying .oo3 in to evernote… Evernote takes the oo3 package and zips it up losing access to search the file & it gets messy when trying to use the result.

I’ve been thinking about making the switch to DevonThink solely because of it’s much better handling of OmniOutliner & OmniGraffle files. Only problem is that I strongly dislike actually taking any notes in DevonThink & I want to maintain all of my work data in one place.

Anybody have any experience with OmniOutliner & Evernote?


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Print the outline as a PDF, drag it into an Evernote notebook. Looks great.

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  1. export it to html and open it with chrome
    2.copy it to devonthink
    3.cover to html
    4.copy it to Evernote


please tell me more good way!

Has anyone come up with a solution to this? I love using OmniOutliner to create notes, but I like to keep and organizing my stuff on evernote. Besides, evernote would allow to add images, tables, files and other elements with the outline. There has to be a satisfying way to integrate both apps.

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Seriously. Why can’t I copy and paste an outline to Evernote in a way that looks nice? WorkFlowy does that.

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I like Rogbar’s idea. Just “print” to PDF and save to Evernote-works very well.