Save error: The document “[name]” could not be saved as “[name]”. The file doesn’t exist. [Fixed by repairing permissions]

Whenever I try to save a document in OmniOutliner anywhere but my documents or desktop, I get the above-named error. As near as I can tell, it’s only OmniOutliner that’s doing this. Does anyone have a fix? This makes OmniOutliner pretty hard to use…

This sounds similar to an issue OmniPlan ran into but I am not able to reproduce it. Could you please contact support and include information about what version of the OS and OmniOutliner you’re using? Thanks!

Done. For reference, I ended up fixing it by repairing my disk permissions. I don’t know why only OO had this problem, but maybe that’s helpful?

I have this problem too. this is the second time that it happened to me! After it happened for first time I did repair my disk permissions, but it happened again. It’s so annoying when you added a lot of information, organized them and then you face with that evil message. :(
Any solutions?