Save without compression? (.oo3 files)

OmniOutliner 4 for Mac saves files as packages, which is really folders with files in them, that the Finder displays as single files. Inside the package is a contents.xml file - which is in reality a zip compressed xml file.

Is there a way to save .oo3 files without the compression so it works properly with version control systems?

I know I can save in other formats, but they don’t retain all the information about styles, formatting etc.

I have used OmniOutliner 3 file packages with git without trouble. What problems are you having?

My problem is that the compressed file is binary, thus I can’t diff two different versions.

If you’re using git you probably want to use a “textconv” option to unpack the file in your .gitattributes. Kind of like people use strings to diff MS Word files.

You can use the Document Tab of the inspector to control whether contents.xml gets compressed or not.

That is just what I needed - I have been looking and googling for this without finding it. Thank you very much!