Saving custom perspectives

In OF1, I really liked the ability to save custom perspectives - set options in the View bar, hide the sidebar, and save.

I don’t seem to be able to do this now - is that right?

In OmniFocus 2, create your new perspective first, then open it (so that you have all its custom view options available to you), then you can edit its View Options directly and tweak them until they’re the way you want before pressing the Save button (which was added in today’s build):

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It’s great to see the Revert and Save feature! I was happy to see the update today. :)

Am I missing something? When I hide the sidebar and press save in perspective [a], if I go to another perspective and manually open the sidebar, when I revisit perspective [a] the sidebar is still open - when it should be closed if the original save worked?

The reason you’re seeing this behaviour is because in OmniFocus 2 the visibility of the sidebar is not controlled by perspectives. It can only be shown/hidden manually.

I know some people automate the process to make their pared-down working environment. An excellent example is how Shawn Blanc uses Keyboard Maestro to do it.

Thanks for the link - at least I wasn’t missing something.

The Keyboard Maestro system seems to do exactly what I was hoping the Perspective’s setting did. I will try it out and hope that Omnigroup implement additional settings in the future.