Saving iOS mail as a task

Is there any way to save an iOS task to OmniFocus in the same way as can be done on the Mac?

On the Mac, after installing the Clip-O-Tron 3001, you can right-click a Mac mail item and select OmniFocus 2:Send to Inbox. This immediately creates a new task in the OmniFocus inbox with a link to the original email. This is much cleaner than forwarding the email to the OmniSync server email address, and allows you to immediately assign project, context, etc.

Also, I notice that the links the Mac creates are not active on iOS.

I realize this may be a limitation of iOS. Mail doesn’t seem to use share sheets, and poking around Workflow for iOS doesn’t show any possible pre-built workflows in the gallery.

It’s not possible at present, no. Perhaps with iOS 11’s drag and drop features it will be, but I’ve seen no confirmation of that. To get that kind of functionality you’ll need a third-party app, unfortunately.

Mail does use a share sheet, but only with selected text, unfortunately.

With selected text, though, you can share either right to OF or to a Workflow.