Saving omnioutliner document doesn't work


I’m using a version of omnioutliner 4.3.2 on an iMac.
I can save such omnioutliner documents at the top level directory in Documents/.
I can’t save such documents in folders within Documents/folder from within the saving dialog window.
I can’t create new empty folders from within the saving dialog window. There it says that the new (folder) location is write protected.

Please help
Thank you in advance

I am not able to reproduce your error, so I would recommend using the in-app link on the Help menu to contact support. While they do participate in the forum, it has never been the front-line of their excellent support.

@mfaeh Sorry to hear that you’ve hit this issue! If you haven’t already done so, could you shoot us an email to we can troubleshoot with you ( We’re not aware of anything in OmniOutliner at this point in time that could cause this behavior, but we’d be happy to dig into it with you!