Saving: Save As

Because I have a routine around saving file versions - saving major and minor versions - using “Save As” across software tools AND because I haven’t found any posts here or anywhere else on the web showing how to do a “Save As” with version 6.0.5 of Omnigraffle, I would like to point out the following solution:

To do a “save as” in Omnigraffle do one of two things:
Lazy: type “save as” into the search box under “Help”. Click on the “save as” result that autopopulates. That will point you to a new file save menu. What to do next should be clear.
Pro: press option-shift-command-s That will give you the “Save As” prompt.

I am on a mac using Mavericks (OS X v 10.9.3)
and Omnigraffle Pro v6.0.5

I apologize if this is a nasty workaround to something more elegant like reverting to versions but I’m probably in the “lazy” category.

I do it this way: click on the File menu, press the Alt key, and “Duplicate” becomes “Save As…”. Note that this works in a lot of apps, not just Omnigraffle.