"Saving to OmniFocus cache" kept popping up with every action

I’m on OmniFocus 3.15.4 on 2019 iMac, macOS Sonoma 14.2.1. I noticed that starting from a week or two ago, every action I took (add a tag, edit a task, complete a task, reorder a task, etc.), the “Saving to OmniFocus cache” notification appears for a second.

It may not seem significant but it breaks my flow as I manage my projects and move stuff around. Using the keyboard to navigate through the tasks and make edits takes an extra pause or key press.

As far as I can tell, I don’t see a setting that prevents this from happening. Is there a way to fix this? Do I have to clear some cache? Reset some settings? Reinstall the app?

Updated to 3.15.5 (v151.36.0). The “Saving to OmniFocus cache” notification still shows up after every action. :(

Here’s a video to show you what I mean. Every time the notification shows up, I can’t do anything on the app until it goes away.

Sorry this is happening to you! I’m not sure why it’s taking so long to save your changes, but that message appears whenever a save operation takes longer than expected—and as you can see, OmniFocus autosaves changes frequently (so that it can sync changes to your other devices frequently).

Does it help to rebuild the database using File > Rebuild Database?

Does OmniFocus 4 have the same issue?

Thank you for the response!

Is it safe to rebuild the database? I won’t lose my data? (I do have my database synced to Omni Sync Server. That means it’s backed up, right?)

Unfortunately, I am currently not on OmniFocus 4 yet.

I just rebuilt the database. The “Saving to OmniFocus cache” notification is still showing up at the same frequency. :(

Update: The app prompted me to archive older completed tasks (as it does every so often). After it did that, the “Saving to OmniFocus cache” notification stopped popping up every time I did something.

While there’s a chance that the issue might have been that I had too many actions, I’m not sure if that’s actually true since what I have now is probably half what I had many years ago and I never had that problem. Maybe one or more of the actions that are now archived were “corrupted” or something? Anywho, it’s fixed now.

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